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iPad Stands and Kiosks

Designed to withstand the rigors of trade shows, special events, exhibits and retail environments, our engineered aluminum extrusion iPad Kiosks bring a whole new level of interactivity to your presence. Lightweight, lockable, easy-to-assemble and transport, most of our iPad Kiosks also feature the Swivel Stop, an innovation that allows the iPad to seamlessly rotate between portrait and landscape positions. Put the latest interactive technology at your visitors’ fingertips secure in the knowledge that your iPad won’t be damaged or stolen. Graphic options include wings, halos, and face plates.

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Mod-1361 iPad Kiosk Lightbox Mod-1362 iPad Kiosk Lightbox
Mod-1361 iPad Kiosk/Lightbox
Our Price: $2,995.00
Mod-1362 iPad Kiosk/Lightbox
Our Price: $2,695.00
Mod-1363 iPad Kiosk VK-1662 iPad Workstation
Mod-1363 iPad Kiosk
Our Price: $2,395.00
VK-1662 iPad Workstation
Our Price: $2,327.00
Mod-1360 iPad Stand with Literature Holders Mod-1288 iPad Pedestal
Mod-1360 iPad Portable Kiosk
Our Price: $1,948.00
Mod-1288 iPad Pedestal
Our Price: $1,800.00
Mod-1357 iPad Stand with Literature Holders Mod-1355 iPad Stand with Literature Holders
Mod-1353 iPad Stand with Literature Holders Mod-1338 iPad Stand
Mod-1339 iPad Stand Mod-1276 iPad Kiosk
Mod-1339 iPad Stand
Our Price: $953.00
Mod-1276 iPad Kiosk
Our Price: $825.00
Mod-1334 iPad Kiosk-DisplayStar Mod-1337 iPad Stand
Mod-1337 iPad Stand
Our Price: $549.00
Mod-1314 iPad Stand Mod-1312 iPad Pedestal
Mod-1336 iPad Stand Mod-1333 iPad Stand
Mod-1336 iPad Stand
Our Price: $479.00
Mod-1333 iPad Stand
Our Price: $429.00
Mod-1335 iPad Stand
Mod-1335 iPad Stand
Our Price: $399.00