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Pipe and Exhibit Drape Supply

Designed for the 10 x 10 display booth, traditional pipe and exhibit drape displays are built with 8 foot high back walls and 3 foot high side walls—and ½” diameter poles. The poles are high-quality aluminum tubing with either a slip-fit or screw-in fastening system. Available in a wide variety of colors, drapes are made from banjo cloth or poly premier. In addition to being cost effective, both fabrics are durable and flame resistant.

  • Draperies


    We offer three varieties of drapery for our pipe and drape displays. Our first, Banjo cloth is a polyester fabric that is the standard for most trade shows at convention centers.This medium weight material has a semi sheen and an irregular thread pattern throughout, with the sheen showing up where the thread is the thickest. It’s also machine washable, dryer safe and inherently fire retardant. Next, Poly premier makes the perfect backdrop for upscale trade show booths, speeches, church auditoriums, weddings and graduation ceremonies. It offers a more upscale look, a great price point and is flame resistant. Lastly, we offer lined black velour draperies that are priced per foot. Each panel is 100% black out to offer an opaque backdrop for your formal events.

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    Pipe and Drape Uprights

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    Pipe and Drape Supports

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  • Storage Carts

    Pipe and Drape Storage Carts

    Don’t lug your pipe and drape around by hand. You’re working harder than you have to. DisplayStar has a huge selection of Pipe and Drape carts that will keep your pipe and drape hardware and trade show curtains organized for a setup that is quick and painless.

    The frame of each trade show pipe and drape storage cart features a rust resistant coating, and solid steel construction which is welded together to provide lasting durability. The wheels of each pipe cart are bolted on instead of welded, to make for a fast, easy and affordable replacement. There are several different choices for casters, cart colors and covers. Please give our customer service team a call at 1-866-864-2831 for freight charges and product options.

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    Pipe and Drape Accessories