Portable Trade Show Displays

Participating in conventions, or trade shows, can help you to reach your target market. A standard marketing principal claims that exhibits have three seconds to deliver a message.

The graphic design on your trade show display is literally the first impression at the trade shows. The trade fair exhibit must grab and hold the attention of your audience -- fast.

Unifying themes on the display wall and banner stands is an example of an effective trade show strategy. Another is to create concise graphic displays that instantly communicate your message.

Graphic design on the fabric panels are critical; just as critical are the many advantages of portable displays over other kinds of trade fair strategies.

The Portable Trade Show Display Advantage

For a trade show organizer, one key to a successful convention is preparation. Traditional trade show displays are more difficult to set up, break down, and are less practical for travel than the portable trade show displays. Along with set up items, these highly mobile units can be easily packed and moved in a special display case, which have wheels! For ease of setup, the pop up models, portable panel exhibits, or even the 10-foot pop-up floor model can save any exhibitor valuable time.

Two of the most popular display styles are the tabletop display and the floor display.

Types of Tabletop Displays

A tabletop portable trade show display is light, compact, and seamlessly integrates its graphic panels with the themes of any pop-up trade show displays. For the slow hours, put a table top display on the pedestal counters. This can create creative options for booth arrangements. These pedestals are equally useful for both floor displays and the tabletop trade show display. The company's graphics are usually placed on the fabric panels for maximum visual impact.

For even more ease of use, the tabletop folding displays combine the benefits of lightness and portability with maximum background surface. They are truly a case-to-counter classic, an affordable way to create a presence and attract clientele while staying within a budget. This compact design also leaves enough room in the booth for other items such as a literature rack, or even storage room underneath for cases.

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