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Tension Fabric Pop Up Displays

A seamless fabric dye-sublimation graphic on an expandable frame.

What Is A Tension Fabric Pop-Up Display Booth?

Star Fabric Pop-Up booths, also known as portable displays, are trade show display systems that allow you to exhibit high-quality, dye-sublimation, eye-catching graphics, often in a larger format than other, smaller booth displays.

These trade show display booths are characterized by their ability to “pop-up” -- they can be assembled to full height without the need for tools or, in some cases, even a second person. This makes pop-up trade show booths an incredibly cost-effective choice for people who want to exhibit at trade shows and events don’t have a huge team of people to assemble a costly booth.

What Are the Benefits of Pop-Up Trade Show Displays?

Pop-Up exhibit booth displays feature numerous benefits when used as a centerpiece in your trade show booth space.

  • Our Tension Fabric booth displays are easy to assemble. Set up entails simply expanding the frame, attaching the custom fabric print with Velcro, and locking it in place.
  • The graphics for the tension fabric pop-ups are easily interchangeable, so updating your display is simple and economical with a fabric trade show replacement graphic.
  • Our replacement prints use the same display hardware, so there is no need to replace the entire display.

How Do Pop-Up Displays Work?

Our pop-up trade show displays work through an expanding/collapsing frame system. To set up the booth display:

  • Remove your display frame from the included case
  • Expand the frame on its back and assemble the hooks. Starting in the lower left corner, attach Velcro across the bottom.
  • Next attach the custom fabric graphic with the attached Velcro across the top.
  • Adjust Velcro as needed for a tight fit.

What Types of Pop-Up Displays Do We Offer?

We offer several different kinds of trade show pop up displays:

  • Straight Pop-Up Displays. Our straight pop-up trade show display is available in several sizes, ranging from 5ft, all the way up to 20ft.
  • Curved Pop-Up Booths. A curved version of our straight displays pop up display is perfect for use as backdrops. Available from the tabletop trade show display 5ft, all the way up to 10ft booth display.
  • SEG LED Backlit Pop-Up These combine the standard versions of each display along with interior LED illumination. Our backlit pop-up displays feature

How Do I Illuminate My Pop-Up Booth?

If you’ve opted for a display that doesn’t include LED light backlighting, you’ll want to use our signature trade show lighting. The bright white LED attachable trade show lights are attached to pivoting arms and universal attachments.

The Elements of Trade Show Booth Displays

Our pop-up displays work great as the centerpiece of a trade show booth. But other components are also needed to add to your trade show display: Fill out your 10x10 or 10x20 booth space with:

The DisplayStar Advantage

When you order your trade show booth displays from us, you end up getting several benefits that other companies won’t or can’t offer, including:

The Lowest Possible Prices

Here at DisplayStar we’re proud to say that we offer the lowest-possible prices on all of the different styles of pop up displays that we have available. Our pricing includes both the hardware and custom printed artwork or graphics. We believe that you shouldn’t have to break the bank to build a beautiful booth, and our prices show it.

Professional Graphic Design Services

Need help creating an eye catching design? For $100 an hour, our professional graphic design team can help you put together an amazing print design. We have a full team of graphic designers waiting to help. Just call us at 1-866-864-2831 for a quote.

How do Pop-Up Displays, Wave Tube Modular, and Hybrid Systems Compare?

Pop-Up Systems - Trade Show Exhibits

DisplayStar offers a wider variety of high quality, 10ft Modular Tubular Displays, Pop-Ups and Hybrid exhibit systems than any other company. Available in a choice of colors and options, These 10ft exhibits are available with many options and colors; making it a sure bet that these systems will make a vastly dramatic impact at your next trade show exhibit and/or sales meetings. If you are looking for a simple booth that sets up in fewer than 10 minutes without tools or ladders, the portable Pop-Up display is the product for you.

Our portable Pop-Up systems are perfect for Photomurals and Trade Show graphics. Most of our Pop-Up display systems include a lifetime warranty on the frame against manufacturer defects. Most Pop-Up's are available as floor models or tabletop models ranging in width from 5ft wide systems all the way up to 20ft wide displays.

Wave Tube Modular Displays - Trade Show Exhibits

Wave Tube® Modular™ Displays are a unique and flexible trade show display system. Choose from various premade booth kits, or design your own booth space with individual modular panels that come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Each panel features a photo quality, dye-sublimation fabric graphic. Easily slip the cover over the footed tubular display frame and zip it closed. Your custom printed graphic stretches to create a beautifully seamless backdrop.

Hybrid Systems - Trade Show Exhibits

Hybrid trade show displays combine many exhibit styles, including pop-ups, banner stands, customized modular exhibits and fabric displays. By integrating many system components, you can create a one of a kind display for your trade show and/or marketing program. Hybrid systems allow you to utilize the advantages of each system so that you may develop a system to fit your exact needs from using lightweight compact materials to designing a booth with scalability so that you may change the size of your display to fit the needs of different shows. Island displays in many sizes are also possible utilizing a Hybrid system. Often you are able to use your show items in your office, lobby, or wherever you would like to display them. Hybrid systems are a great way for you to express the uniqueness of your company.