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Customer Testimonials

Thank you again for helping us get everything in time for our big trade show the graphic was perfect and the little flat bolts saved the day..

We really appreciate being able to lean on you guys every year.


Just wanted to thank you again for the terrific work on the display! Pam and I are at a trade show today, and have our first opportunity to put it to work. Thanks again for your help with this!!


Purchased a 10x10 pop up display with black carpeted background and halogen lights about 5 years ago from them and I paid about 1/2 what other companies charge for the same display. This has turned out to be an excellent investment as we do 10 shows per year so it has been in nearly 50 shows. If I remember right it was just over a $500 investment which works out to about $10 per show and the display is still going strong. Display Star has always been there to supply accessories, replacement parts (bulbs etc.) and has always been very helpful. I'm planning on going to a larger display in the future and I will be using them to fulfill my requirements.

Scott A.

As with most internet purchases, I approached my first purchase with Display Star with caution. I read other positive reviews and decided to try them out. We purchased the 10' Curved Fabric Display with LED Lights. Display Star's website and order process was super easy to follow, the proofing was done fast, and the product arrived within the stated time line. The whole process took a couple of weeks without expediting anything. Our team set up the display and were completely blown away with the quality of the whole system. The printing on the fabric was crystal clear and the aluminum frame of curved display went together really well. If you're looking for a quality display for trade shows and the likes, I'd highly recommend Display Star.

Neil M.

I just wanted to give you a HUGE applause for one of your customer service team members, Cody. Our company took on a new client recently that wanted multiple display booths for a huge convention they were attending, and requested that everything was printed through Display Star, which was not on our list of approved venders. Per their request, we placed the order. The order process from Jeramiah getting everything set to proof through shipping and the print quality was great and easy.

Tuesday, I got a call from my boss, who was onsite in Nashville helping our client get set-up for the conference, and there was a COMPLETE PANIC that one of the large display units was missing the banner. Cody was able to help us track the package and even give a description of the packaging so that they would know what to look for. Unfortunately, they were not able to find it and had to re-order the artwork with the miraculous request that they have it by the next morning. Through Cody's persistence throughout the day, your production team was able to reprint a new replacement banner and ship it out the same day for an overnight early morning delivery before the conference showroom opened and no one was the wiser. We knew that to reorder that banner and get it printed and out the door the same day was going to be a stretch, but your team made it happen.

Our motto around the office is "Teamwork makes the dream work" - you guys are part of that team!

Heather F.
Manchester, CT

I purchased a 10 x 8 booth from DisplayStar in 2010 and it is still in great shape doing 3-4 shows per year since then. Great price and good quality.

Jeffrey W.
Ketchikan, AK

DisplayStar has been a true vendor partner to my small business! Their customer service is amazing – the group is not only helpful, but always very timely. The cost of their solutions is very fair and the quality is top notch. I just returned home from a conference where I used my newly minted wave tube stand and two other vendors were in awe of how quickly I could set up and tear down my booth and how great it looked compared to their clunky, very expensive booths. I told them to visit!

Thank you DisplayStar and I will be back again for my next replacement graphic very soon!

Best regards,
Amy H
General Manager

We recently ordered a trade show booth from you guys and received the order this week... it is AWESOME! We spent a week researching best price and highest quality booths and you guys did not disappoint! thank you so much for making it so easy to work with you guys!

Mooresville, NC

I received the replacement item as requested and I'm more than happy. Your customer support is outstanding!!!! Thank you, as a vender who has to use trade shows as part of the income for our business I was so impressed by the courteous and professional manner with which my claim was taken care of. If any vendor were to ask me where they should look for display items I will most definitely tell them to contact Displaystar first and then because in my book both company's rate 10stars!!!! Thank you For the excellent customer support.

Best regards,
Jerry I.

Thanks again for all of your help on getting me this display on time. It actually got here on Friday and I assembled it today and everything looks great! Thanks!

Joe W.
Hardin, IL

I just wanted to drop a quick line and say thank you for your help recently on the fabric projects I've had the last couple of weeks, and in particular the rush on Friday of the 3 table throws. I got the confirmation email that they arrived, I really appreciate all the efforts of your team. Have a great Thanksgiving holiday.

Jason B.
Vancouver, WA

Just for the record the display was a complete blessing. Of more than 1300 distributors etc, my booth won the Impact Award for the best booth under 300 square feet!

Melba H.
Glendale, WI

Tell your boss you get an "A" for excellent customer service!!!
Blessings on your day,
Stacy F.
South Elgin, IL

Just received the retractable banner today and I must say I’m impressed. We will definitely be placing an order in the future.
Jon C.
Columbia, SC

Thanks you so much for all your hard work to make this happen. We need more people like you in this world---patient, gracious and thoughtful with a "can-do" attitude.

Many Blessing to You,

Got my Banner stands 3 seconds ago! How do you get them here so Quickly? Very Impressed, love doing biz with you folks! You ROCK!!!!!!!

Shawn B.
Fairview, OR

I also want to say that the system that your units have for storing and re-storing the panels and such into the cases is the best I have ever worked with. I had a helper who had never worked one of these take downs before and by having the panels on one side and the frame/bars on the other made her job a breeze. So many of these that I have borrowed over the years require you slide the frame package down in the middle of the panels which bend and snap off the hooks on the top of the panel, rip the frame bag and require that sometimes you have to reload the panels again to make room for the frame bag. Who ever designed this side by side system when you folks ordered your product was thinking "outside the box" inside the box. Take down of my new walls only took us 15 minutes, and that included instructing how everything went back together. With the other exhibits and other company's walls it took me 45 minutes for each wall.

Lewis B.
Courtenay, BC Canada

The tent case arrived today and it is absolutely perfect! Thank you for all the attention and prompt service! Great doing business with you.
I will be in touch next time I have need of anything for our display booth!

Donny C.
Ventura, CA

Thanks for your quick response. I am very happy with your service. It is not when everything goes right that a company and its people shine…it is when something goes wrong. So far you have gone above and beyond to make us happy customers.

Our company owner is also quite impressed at the pricing and look of the finished product you have provided.

Brent H.
Surrey, BC Canada

I just wanted to thank you for everything you did to get our issues straightened out - and for getting the banner shipped to us in time for the show. I’m sure it wasn’t easy but I’m glad I know I can trust your company to do whatever it takes in the future.

Abbie H.

Thanks again for the outstanding service. This is the 2nd time we have asked you to pull a rabbit out of the hat, and get us a display made with a very short time line. You people are awesome!

Marc J.
Burnaby, BC Canada

To Your Staff, We just wanted to thank your company for producing our avenue banners in such a timely manner. This is our first experience using your company and we were very impressed from the time the order was placed until it arrived. Awesome job!! We will be contacting you again in the very near future. Again thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!

Debbie H.

I wanted to thank you on the excellent work you and your people did on our display. We ran through a test-setup yesterday and it was flawless. Nothing is missing and everything looks great. Thank you.

Kind regards,
Jerry F.
Pierrefonds, QC Canada

You guys are the best. I have worked with other companies and have not gotten a response back in this short a time let alone a proof.

I will need these by 8/31 so please do your best.

Thank you

Don D.
Ronkonkoma, NY

The stands showed up today. The entire banner went up in less than 5 minutes, and they look awesome.
Just wanted to let you know that everything arrived, and we’re very happy with how it turned out.
Thanks again,
Dave F.
Burlington, ON Canada

Thanks for your awesome follow through on this. We received the table runner and cover yesterday and are very pleased with it. We look forward to the rest of the order and will be doing business with you again.


I just went down to the client Eyasco to see and set up the booth pop up.
I was very surprised at the good quality and good looks!
I was so stoked on it, I want to get my other clients to order one as well!
You did a great job on the art! I appreciate the smooth transaction!

2 thumbs up Bob!
Thank You!

Scott E.
Santa Cruz, CA

....Wanted to also mention that you guys gave BANNERMEDIA the best service ever from all the suppliers I usually deal with.


Hey buddy, show went good and booth looks AWESOME...and everything was smooth and flush.

Thank you,

The banners have arrived. They look great! The print quality and material/craftsmanship quality look outstanding! It appears that all the hardware is here. I'm sure I will hear from our crew if it's not.

Thanks for all your help on this project.

Julie W.
Amelia, OH

Just a quick note to thank you all for a great job and service as usual .

Have a great holidays.
Thank you .

We received our pop up display not too long ago, and I just wanted to say that it is superb!

Thank you so much and have a great day!

Cynthia A
Montreal, QC Canada

Hi! Just wanted to let you know I received the banner stands, and they really look great! You guys do good work.

Also, I wanted to commend you, Jonathan, for taking the time to advise me that the lights make the banners lean forward a bit. Because of your good communication, I was able to buy a spool of monofilament for $3 and head off what could have been a very annoying (and possibly expensive) problem in Las Vegas next week. Thanks for the great customer service!

You guys are wonderful. Keep up the good work!

Rick R.
Temecula, CA

I just wanted to say Thank you to Heather who answered my call today. It's rare these days to be pleaseantly surprised by customer service. She was extremly helpful and knowlegable. Being a business owner I know how hard it is to find front line people like this and wanted to make sure you are aware how much of an asset she is to your company. You have a winning combination of great pricing and fantastic customer service. I look forward to purchasing my Trade Show products from you.

Thank You!,
Ian F.
Kelowna, BC Canada

On the behalf of Fuji Electric, I would like to extend our thanks and gratitude to you and your company. Our booth looks fantastic! Mr. Kim will be sending you some pics shortly. We also will be using this for other division’s products, so Rene should be copying you shortly on a new graphics panel. It is for a Solar show in New Orleans at the end of Feb., so she should be in touch very soon. Thank you again and I very happy that we will be giving you future business, as we will need new graphics for other shows this year too!

Best regards,
Andrew U.
Chicago, IL

I am writing to let you know of the outstanding job that Eric Whedbee has done on our behalf for a 10'x20' booth for our annual trade show. As someone who runs a business as well, normally, one only gets letters when things go wrong. In this case, I felt it important to let you know how pleased we are with Eric and your firm. It is difficult to exceed a customer's expectations, Eric has done so on every count. I will be sure to tell about your firm to others in my field for their trade show needs.

Best regards,
Val F.
Martinsburg, WV

We just received our two banner stands...all I could say is "these are insanely awesome!" I really cannot believe the quality, the feather weight, and the professional appearance that will be representing our company! Plus, it took a whopping 20 seconds to setup...both of them! I literally opened the box, set them up, and then stood there smiling for 10 minutes....then of course, I took pictures of them, and sent them to family and friends (they are thinking, what a weird guy).
Shawn, the images are perfectly centered--thanks for the additional effort. The color and contrast are perfect!

Thank you again. We will certainly do business with DisplayStar again. I am so impressed with your product, I have a feeling I'm going to start making excuses to order un-needed signage!

G. M.

I want to thank you so much for your help with our "emergency" last week when you provided us with the addtional old style telescoping rods for our eight banner holders we ordered. They arrived in time and our event was a great success. Thanks again for your over and above service; it was greatly appreciated.

Paul M.
Bothell, WA

We just got it, and it looks fantastic! Thank you for your excellent service and product!

Allison H.
Chattanooga, TN

I set up the tradeshow booth last night after hours, in the middle of the sales department. I am very experienced with tradeshow booths, and was able to set it up in 10 minutes by myself. Came in at 8:30am today to praise and excitement. Everyone loves the booth, the CEO, Sales Director, Sales Reps, everyone loves it, but I knew they would.
For me, being a 10+ year veteran of event & online marketing, and exhibiting and attending over 12 tradeshows last year alone, I have ordered & used several graphic walls (and tons of replacement graphics).
The case, bags for all components, frame construction, spare parts, accessories and graphic production ARE FIRST RATE. Even setup was easier than most, which was surprising to me consider the designs are all pretty much the same.

There are obvious quality differences in your frame, something I didn't really expect for the price I paid.
At any price, DisplayStar booths are absolutely the very best both solution in the market, hands down. There is not even a close second.
Plus, the amazing customer service that you provided, has earned my business for the remainder of my professional career in marketing.
Shawn, you are a true asset to your company, Great job, I wish there was a rating beyond A+, because you have earned it.

Landon L.
San Mateo, CA

Thanks very much - just for the record, my experience with Display Star has been fantastic! I have purchased a number of retractable banners, as well as some booth cases (just recently arrived) and now a 10' pop-up booth -- and every transaction has been smooth and easy - no hassles and no disappointments! Thanks so much for being such a great company! I was referred to you guys by Glen Schnepf from G2 Graphics in Los Angeles, and I am so happy he passed the word!

Mia M.
El Segundo, CA

Thank you for your prompt attention to the displays we ordered. As always, they are speckless and beautifully delivered. I can't say enough about your courtesy and clear knowledge of what I needed on the phone. I received them in perfect condition. Thank you!! Thank you and best regards,
Yad S.
Murphy, TX

I got the graphic today and it's beautiful!! Thank you for all of your help on this project - your service was outstanding and the product quality is excellent. I just wanted to let you know how happy I am. I'll also make sure to leave feedback on eBay. Thanks so much!! Suzie
Richland, WA

i wanted to tell you how happy i am with your product.... Allan Parker and Amy who helped me with the order were great all the way through and got me what i needed at a price i could afford....
I will DEFINITELY use you for all my printing needs.
Craig D.
Jackson, NJ

We ordered one of your pop up Trade Show Displays earlier this month for our first trade show. Not only do we love the pop up display but we were very impressed with your helpful and friendly customer service department who made it possible for us to receive our shipment quickly. Iam attaching a photo of us in our booth. When other vendors commented on the backdrop, we gave them your info. Thanks for helping to make our first show a success. Nancy on behalf of Three Blondes and a Camera PS If three blondes can assemble the display in 15 minutes, that says a lot!

We received the display today, a day ahead of schedule. We opened it up and set it up cause we were anxious to check it out. Everyone thinks to looks great, we are very pleased. You have a great product there, I'd recommend it to anyone. Thanks for your quick delivery too.
John N.
Mississauga, ON Canada

You folks always take very good care of us. Thank you very much!!
Randy M.
Marietta, GA

The graphics were delivered just a little while ago.
They are very nice, you did a great job.
Thank you very much. We will be contacting you later for more work but we will give you much more time.
Thank you again for helping us out in such short notice.
Ronna D.
Round Rock, TX

Thank you, got the it today and it's very nice, ......looking forward doing business with you in the future..ciao.............zack @z11

Customer Service

Customer service is our top priority at DisplayStar. As you can tell from our client testimonials, our clients are very pleased with the quality of our products and with the personal attention we provide. When you order from DisplayStar, your trade show display will arrive on time, and we know you'll be pleased with the decision you've made.

Our clients are often pleasantly surprised by the quality of our trade show products. Our prices are so low when compared with our competitors that it is often hard to make customers believe that we are selling the same high quality products as our competitors. When our customers finally receive their display, any shred of doubt about the quality of our exhibits vanishes immediately.

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