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Windpro® Banner Pole Brackets

To meet the demands of the wind forecast in your area, we offer 2 choices for banner brackets. Windpro’s® Hurricane and Storm brackets are tested to withstand winds up to 70 mph—with Hurricane brackets holding up to a 20 square foot banner, and Storm brackets holding up to a 10 square foot banner.

Hurricane and Storm pole banner hardware is all made with a rust-free, cast aluminum base that will fit square, round, or multi-sided street poles. The state-of-the-art, fiberglass arms are designed to flex in strong winds transferring the wind load off of the banner.

Please note:When ordering more than one kit they will be sent in bulk.

  • Storm Banner Brackets

    Street Pole Storm Banner Bracket Kits

    Create your next outdoor display with Storm pole banner kits. Perfect for parades, farmers markets, marathons and more.

  • Hurricane Banner Brackets

    Hurricane Banner Brackets

    DisplayStar's WindPro Hurricane banner pole hardware is the toughest street pole banner hardware available. Live in a windy area? Then these light pole brackets will be the best choice for you. OOur Hurricane pole banner bracket kits withstand up to 70 mile per hour winds with a banner up to twenty square feet. The durable, heavy aluminum construction coupled with the flexible fiberglass rod, allows the pole banner to stay intact without ripping tearing. These are perfect for any parade, fair, farmers market, marathon, business or city event.

    For a wide selection of custom or predesigned street pole banners click here or call 1-866-864-2831.

  • Banner Bracket Parts and Accessories

    Banner Bracket Parts and Accessories