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Graphic Design Services

Let Our Highly-Skilled Designers Craft Your Idea Into a Polished Masterpiece

Our graphic artists are experienced in basic to complete typesetting, layout and image placement for optimum visibility and composition balance and elaborating on initial mock-ups and sketches.

Design Time Layout & Typesetting Customer Supplies Graphics Simple Photo Editing Vector element creation Complex layer design

Bitmap Versus Vector

Bitmap vs Vector example

Bitmaps images are made up entirely of pixels. When enlarging a bitmap image, additional pixels are added to create this new size. The “new” pixels pick up and average colors from neighboring pixels in an attempt to create a new color that will blend between areas.This is where the overall image suddenly becomes soft and blurry and sharp defined edges develop noticeable jagged pixelated edges

Bitmap - Raster Image
Vector Image

Vector graphics use points, lines and curves to create an image. It’s based on mathematical formulas and unlike bitmaps can be enlarged to any size, any resolution, without losing detail.

Vector Image

How To Prepare Graphic Files

Templates - Size
Template sizes

Layout guidelines and templates can be downloaded from each of the product pages on our website. Make your graphic dimensions match the product you are purchasing.
Your image should be to size of your product at 72-150 dpi. Bleeds: Not all products require bleeds; check guidelines.

Resolution - File Types
Resolution file examples

Final size files are only required to be 72–150 dpi. You can view your file in Photoshop at 100% to see how it will look when printed. If designing to reduced scale, adjust dpi accordingly. We accept files from the following programs and formats: Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator: .ai, .psd, .tiff, .eps and high resolution jpg.

Color graphic

Your print file must be in CMYK format. Colors can look drastically different when converted from RGB. We can color match with a provided PMS code and editable files. However, we can only guarantee color accuracy when a printed proof is ordered and approved.


We rely solely on your approval of the proof as final verification and acceptance of the project.

Proof color swatchesWe always e-mail a digital proof before production. It is your responsibility to proofread all your text. Spelling or grammatical errors are your responsibility. Please be aware that we will print your graphics exactly as you send them to us.

After your proof has been delivered, we will wait for your approval before printing your artwork.

Any adjustment to your graphic can take time and fees may apply if your modifications or adjustments take an hour or more.