Pop Up Trade Show Exhibits Part 2
Pop Up Trade Show Exhibits

Knowing the amount of space provided at the trade show booth is essential to determining what kind of display a team will be able to set up. For small companies with a limited budget, a 10 ft by 10 ft trade show exhibit space is a standard booth size. Because this is such a small area to work with, an exhibitor needs to carefully plan how to make the best use of every inch of space to its best advantage. Displays should have an immediate visual punch. A full 10 ft curved or straight wall can be used to house graphic mural panels advertising your company’s product. For companies that can only send a small staff to do their trade show exhibiting, a pop up display booth can be assembled quickly in a matter of minutes. A group of two or three employees can even set up an entire 10 ft pop up trade show booth by themselves. The secret is the pop up frame which folds easily in a case for travel, but snaps out into a full-sized pop up trades how exhibit booth with minimal labor. Detachable graphics can be mounted on this frame, and quickly a professional-looking display is ready for customers to view.

Companies who need a larger presence at a trade show or convention need not sacrifice ease and convenience in setting up their own trade show booth displays. A 20 ft x 20 ft trade show pop up display can be just as easily transported and set up by a small group of employees. A large booth allows more creativity in designing your company’s exhibit. The additional display space can be used to showcase more products, technology, or to host product demonstrations. Even though these larger trade show pop up displays create a greater impact on the show floor, they are just as simple to transport and assemble as their smaller counterparts.

For companies that want to stand out from the crowd, there are nearly endless variations in the types of designs that can be created in pop up trades show exhibits. More elaborate display graphics can be displayed on a serpentine display; in particular on a curved 20 ft pop up display. A curved 20 ft pop up creates a beautiful and appealing visual line. Imagine the visual interest that a curved graphic panel will bring to a trade show pop up exhibit! After seeing dozens of flat booth panel displays customers will definitely stop to take a closer look at a curved graphic display. While you might think that a curved pop up display booth would be more difficult to assemble or fit into transport cases, the fact is that this style of pop up is just as easy to assemble as a predominantly flat pop up trade show display.

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