Pop Up Trade Show Booths

The goal of any trade booth at a trade show is to get attention. Pop up trade show booths are a good way to draw attention to your particular booth. You can have the best sales pitch in the world, but if you cannot attract an audience there is no point.

Pop Up Displays

The accordion-style frame that allows for easy setup gives pop up trade show displays their name. A trade show exhibitor is more likely to accommodate a design that is easier to setup and remove. Pop up booths can often be carried in one or two cases. Panel displays can also fit well into pop up trade show displays.

3-D graphics can be easily incorporated into a pop up trade show display. The images used in 3-D displays should be carefully selected, as these will generally be the first part of your display to catch the eye.

Stunning graphics are also more appealing and create more interest in pop up trade show booths. 3-D pop up trade show displays will typically be more expensive to create, but the attention it brings to your setup will be worth it. Pop up displays are more effective if they quickly get attention.

A pop up trade show booth is easy to set up and can convey the message of a custom made setup at a lower cost. In order for a pop up display to be effective, it is best to focus on a single message. This may include a product release date or new product features. A pop up booth generally includes a specific place for the person handling the display to stand. This directs the focus of the audience.

Trade show pop up displays tend to be more economical and just as effective as traditional trade show displays. The key to making a pop up trade show booth work is to have a clear focus and a simple message.

Lighting for pop up displays should be kept to a minimum. This is especially true if you are using 3-D graphics or photos. You do not want to distract from the impact of the overall trade show display with the lighting.

It is a good idea to use cases to carry the graphics and other elements of your pop up set up. A case or a bag will help you transport all graphics so that they are not damaged. A case especially designed for a pop up setup provides added protection for your trade show setup and allows for easy storage until the next trade event.

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