Trade Show Booths Part 3

Trade Show Booths: A Perspective, Part 3


Accessories are items that would be missed were they not in the booth. Chairs, surfaces, and receptacles for personal items, literature, and refuse are common accessories. Other items that should not be overlooked include signage, booth lights, banner stands, auxiliary pop-ups, and anything else that adds style and serviceability to the booth. Some accessories such as booth furniture are often available for rental by the trade show organizers.

Trade Show Booth Maintenance and Replacement

Because trade show booths represent an investment, they demand care. It is dismaying to open a portable booth at the venue and find it dirty or damaged. To protect the investment, an exhibitor will have the display cleaned and inspected before being tucked away. Similarly, the changeable components will be inventoried so upgrades can be ordered in time for subsequent shows. Changing graphics regularly projects the image of an up-to-date and innovative company.

Used Trade Show Booths

As businesses grow, they often upgrade booth space. When a well-maintained used booth comes to market, it can represent a significant opportunity for a company to realize the full potential value of its investment.

First and Final Words

A trade show display represents an important marketing investment. A company will receive a return on this investment if the choices in booth design invite the professional human interaction at the core of all business relationships.