Pop-Up Displays

Pop-Up Displays: Features and Benefits

In the world of business, a trade fair or exhibition is a popular place to take advantage of the mass crowds and advertise a business’ services or products. At these events, each exhibitor is provided with a specific area, or booth, to showcase their business or product. As an exhibitor, it can often be a challenge to work within a small area and to communicate the details and features of his/her service within the brief period of time that a visitor will be passing by the booth. Due to this, companies often invest in a variety of display equipment to make the most of their area. One of the most popular types of trade show display equipment is the pop-up display. Pop up displays are mobile units that are easy to transport and easy to set up. As the name implies, pop up displays literally pop up. They often consist of a metal and wire frame with attachable hooks, magnets or Velcro pieces for attaching printed graphics to the frame for presentation.

Trade fairs can be great events to participate in, but the expenses associated with trade show display equipment can be high. Cost effectiveness is one of the important benefits that pop up displays can offer. A feature specific to pop ups is that they can be used over and over again at various events. In addition, businesses can always update or change out the graphics used with their pop-up display.

Portability is another feature of pop-up displays; all of which are designed to be easily transported from office to exhibition. Most come in their own wheeled trolley cases or are light enough to be carried. The cases are durable so they can withstand traveling via air or delivery service but are also compact enough so that they can fit into passenger cars or vans. To compliment portability, pop up displays are designed to be easily assembled. Often times companies can only send one person to any given event so any display equipment must be able to be assembled by one person. Once standing and positioned, an exhibitor will only need to attach the graphic materials to the frame.

Since the graphic materials are not permanently attached, pop-ups provide companies with greater flexibility. Pop-up equipment can be used for different types of events with different sets of graphics. The same equipment can be used at a career exhibition today and used at a trade fair tomorrow by just swapping out the graphic materials.

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