Pop Up Trade Show Booths - Part 3

Truss Displays

This setup will usually take up more space at trade show exhibits. This setup is generally best in a corner. Truss setups come in standard sizes, but can also be custom made to conform to a particular design setup. Truss exhibits will generally involve more setup time.

This setup is usually better for trade shows of a longer duration and involves more setup time than pop up displays. Truss display systems are designed to stand out in a crowd and tend to receive the most attention at trade shows.

Table Top Displays

This type of setup generally involves small metal frame work that easily collapse (think camping) into a portable carrying case. Graphic panels attach to this framework. This setup is easy to assemble. It is usually placed on top of a table, usually provided by the show's contractor. Most exhibitors include the table as part of the total price for renting the exhibit space.

Another element to consider is the table covering. Table coverings can be simple and include no graphics. This option is usually best if you do not want to distract the audience from the rest of the setup. It is best to stick with a single color. Traditional tones such gray, green or red tend to work best.

A step-up from no graphics is a table covering with some graphics. Here you generally want to keep the graphic simple. Usually the company logo is all that is needed. Table skirting and table toppers can be added to add a touch of elegance. Table skirting can also be functional and serve to hide wires and cables that are a part of displays.

Banner Stands

These are probably the easiest to setup. They come in a variety of shapes ranging from a standard rectangle banner to square banners. Other features of this setup are scrolling banners and teardrop banners. Banners tend to be best for promoting a single product or event.

Banner setups can be worked into pop up displays. They can serve as a way to direct visitors to your setup if placed in strategic locations. The stands for the banners usually come in three standard sizes.

The smaller stands can add to a table design, while the larger stands are meant to be stand alone setups. However, a single banner may be used to direct traffic to certain pop up displays.

Most banners are designed to be roll-up, meaning they setup quickly at trade shows. Multiple banners tend to result in a setup that is more dynamic, meaning it will attract more attention.

Banner setups have gone green. Eco-friendly banner displays are available made from biodegradable materials. This is a fact that is easy to slip into a presentation.

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