The Order Process

3 Simple Steps for Ordering DisplayStar Products

Locate Product(s) and Add To Cart

To find the product you wish to purchase, locate them using either the home page grid of products or the left side navigation, which is consistently present on every page of

The left side navigation is conveniently grouped into 3 subcategories; Trade Show Displays, Exhibit Accessories and Outdoor Solutions. Each item is listed in alphabetical order to help you find the product you require easily. Most of the links listed in this section are category pages, which display groups of products. Clicking on one individual product's text title or image will take you to that specific product page, which will show more detailed information. You can add products to your cart from there or that product's category page. If, at any time, you'd like to see which items you've added, simply hover your cursor over the VIEW CART text at the top right of any page.

Purchase Products Added To Cart

If it's your fist time making a purchase with DisplayStar, the next few steps explain how to complete your order. If you've made a purchase previously and have an account set up, please skip these steps and proceed to the next section.

To Create a New Account: Click on YOUR ACCOUNT at the top right of any page or the yellow "Proceed to Checkout" button at the bottom of the shopping cart page. From here, you can enter your billing and/or shipping information, agree to the terms and conditions, choose your shipping options, select a payment type and enter credit card information, if necessary. You may also make changes to your order from this screen.

To Purchase Using an Existing Account: Click on YOUR ACCOUNT at the top right of any page and enter your log in credentials or click the yellow "Login and Checkout" button at the bottom of the shopping cart page. All of your previous information should be saved and displayed for your convenience.

If you're having trouble and you get an error message that asks for an email address after you click the "Place Order" button, please make sure you are properly logged in before proceeding.

Placing your order secures your position in the production queue and enables the DisplayStar staff to send a proof of your uploaded graphics, if required.

Please Note:

If your item requires a custom graphic, it does not need to be uploaded before you click the "Place Order" button.

Upload Artwork

Locate the "SEND US ART" button.

Please Note:

We use the file uploading system from

Safari and Firefox are recommended browsers for this system, but if a different browser works for you, please feel free to use it.

Next to "Your email address", please fill in your email address; the one you'd like us to send your proof to.

Next to "Subject", please enter your company name.

Next to "Message", please include your name, phone number and deadline.

If these fields are not filled out properly, we will not be able to determine who the graphics belong to, which will result in a delivery delay.

Click the "Browse" button to locate the file you'd like to submit.

When submitting a second or third file, please click "Add another file", which will give you another "Browse" button.

Please Note:

We can accept files up to around 1 Gigabyte (1000 Megabytes). Please be patient while your file uploads and wait for it to finish before closing your browser window.

After your order is complete and your artwork has been uploaded, you will receive a notice that the artwork has been uploaded. Please allow up to 24 hours for a proof to be sent to the email address you provided on the upload form.

After your proof has been delivered, we will wait for your approval before printing your artwork.

Please be aware that we will print your graphics exactly as you send them to us. Spelling or grammatical errors are your responsibility. Any adjustment to your graphic can take time and fees may apply if your modifications or adjustments take an hour or more.

Graphic design services are available at $75/hr with a one hour minimum.

Production Time

Standard production time is 3-5 business days excluding shipping time.

Delivery Time

We ship FedEx and UPS. Delivery time depends on the shipment's weight, location and desired method of transport. On average, a POP43 Mural can ship FedEx Ground from Oregon to Florida in 5 business days.

We strongly encourage you to plan ahead before ordering and allow enough time for graphic modifications, production time and delivery.

Additionally, please don't ask us to rush the production time of your order so it can be shipped ground.