Six Ways to Refresh Your Trade Show Display
Tips on Making the Most of Your Existing Booth

You love your trade show booth. It’s traveled with you for years, staying in the same bad hotel rooms, getting stuck at the same airports. The two of you are inseparable. You’re a team. You’ve grown comfortable together.

That’s why you might be the last to notice that your booth is getting a little…well, stale. Maybe looking a little worn after that last show (or last twelve). Not bringing in the traffic it once did. But don’t panic. There is often no need to get rid of a trusty old trade show display that has been with you longer than half your co-workers. Sometimes it just needs a bit of freshening up.

Here are five ways to add a little luster to your trade show display presence.

1. Replace your graphics. Maybe your message has changed. Maybe you’re promoting a new line of products but a whole new booth is not in the budget. Depending on what kind of display you’re working with, you can often have new graphics printed that will fit your existing display structure.

2. Throw some light on the subject. An easy way to make sure your graphics are seen without going through a complete re-design is to attach lights to your display. Lighting conditions can vary widely from trade show to trade show, so having extra lights available is always a good idea (see also “Let There Be Lights” for more lighting tips).

3. Add podium or table. Sometimes booths consisting only of a backdrop wall lack a center of focus and can feel less approachable. Adding a custom printed podium or table with graphics that fit with your branding scheme is an easy way to both create depth in your space and give you a central point of interaction with your customers.

4. Add a display mount. Maybe you’ve got a great new promo video you want to show off. Maybe you’re marketing a new app you want people to be able to interact with on an iPad. Adding display mount or monitor stand may be just the element you need to take your trade show presence to a new level.

5. Add a hanging banner. Hanging displays can help you literally rise above your competition. Utilizing overhead space allows you to be seen from across the room and can act as a beacon on crowded trade show floors.

6. Accessorize, accessorize. Have great new product brochures? Add a literature stand. Distributing swag bags to your booth’s visitors? Add a shopping bag stand. Get new feather flags to complement your display, or put in new trade show flooring. There are endless ways to reconfigure old booths by adding just a few new elements.

Of course, sometimes none of the above will be enough. All good things must come to an end, after all. But before you go courting some shiny new display system, it’s worth considering whether you’re getting the most out of the one you already have.