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The Cutting Edge – Dye-Sublimation

The dye-sublimation printing process is the most effective way to ensure that your custom graphic looks the way it was meant to – with vibrant colors and textures. This state of the art print technique involves transferring your custom image to an ink transfer paper.

By applying heat and pressure, the image passes from a solid to gaseous state without ever becoming liquid (the sublimation part of the process), and then solidifies in the poly-flex fabric. This technique creates true 1080dpi contrast, sharpness, and most of all, color.

Additionally, the dye-sublimation process doesn’t require the use of any solvents or toxins, and the fabric itself is comprised mainly of recycled, post-consumer materials. This makes dye-sublimation one of the most eco-friendly printing processes today.

The end result is a seamless merge of image and fabric. The finished product is also weatherproof and machine washable. Images can be made in a single piece as large as 100 inches wide by 200 feet long. Larger sizes are available with a seam.