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Portable Vs. Permanent Trade Show Displays

When deciding to exhibit, you will always be confronted by the same question: should you use a portable or permanent display? While you may associate permanent displays with a more professional, classy look, in reality modern technology now allows portables to rival the visual impact of the permanent displays. These days, the choice you make has less to do with aesthetics and more to do with how you plan to use your display (and the space you’re exhibiting in).

If you’re presenting in a public space, it’s a no-brainer – portable displays are always going to be your best bet. The tighter confines and the need to pack-up quickly at show’s end make the fast, easy, reliable and affordable nature of the portable the perfect choice.

In addition, with portables you have all sorts of creative flexibility in your 10 x 10 ft. area. You don’t even have to take up floor space, as the lightweight quality of the displays make them perfect for hanging. Another advantage of portables is the ability to change the graphics and give them a life outside your current campaign – making them, in a way, more ‘permanent’ than the ‘permanent’ displays. Some of our customers are still successfully repurposing twenty year-old portable systems.

If you need a platform for people to stand on or other large surface capable of bearing a good deal of weight, of course you’re going to have to explore permanent display options. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be an either-or choice. Combining the permanent with the portable often makes both visual and economic sense. DisplayStar specializes in creating portable displays, but their CEO, Terrence Niedermeyer is not afraid to use permanent displays when needed. “At shows we attend, we absolutely use permanent displays in conjunction with our own products when it makes sense. It doesn’t mean that we think our displays are inferior – they are not even really competing products. It’s simply a case of horses for courses.”

“Our biggest collaborations, and the exhibition stands we are most proud of, are the ones in which we provide portable and permanent solutions. We work in co-operation with built stand providers and through our collective knowledge and expertise, we can provide a display that is used both at the event and after. It allows both companies to broaden our customer bases and create happier customers. It’s what this business is about.”

The portable industry has come a long way since the 1970’s. And as both permanent and portable display technologies seem to be increasingly used to complement each other, it’s becoming more a collaborative effort with all parties focused on producing solid, more environmentally friendly and ultimately more efficient displays.