Portable Trade Show Displays Part 3

Portable Trade Show Displays - - Part 3

Trade Show Displays -- Shapes and Sizes.
The best way to start is by deciding whether you want the benefits of a tabletop portable trade show display, or the portable displays that use pedestals, or if you prefer to use the floor displays, especially the impressive 10-foot pop-up floor model!

If the tabletop trade show display is just right for some exhibits, these tabletop displays can also be too small for the larger exhibitor, who will often go the extra mile for the desired exposure. Given the realistic limits of a table top display, it can be practical to go with the 10-foot exhibit instead. Banner stands, and pop-up trade show displays can be a good compromise for an exhibitor who requires that their portable trade show display draw affordable attention at a convention.

Portable Displays

Using graphic panels and/or literature shelves can enhance exhibits' ROI.
Portable panel exhibits are pop-up models that effectively display graphics in the competitive convention environment. Graphic displays are presented on eye-catching fabric panels. These fabric-covered display backgrounds can be either full-length portable trade show displays, or the simple table top display.

Communicating a Message

A trade show display with compelling graphic design will do well on a tabletop trade show display. However, the success of a trade show exhibit depends on the ability of the message on the display wall to reach the audience instantly, making case-to-counter setup critical. Cases can be stored underneath, if using the tabletop portable trade show display because of the trade-off between display case storage space and booth space. Even the tabletop folding displays have this option; besides their lightness and lower price, storage at a trade show is another serious consideration when planning what kind of pop-up displays are most appropriate for your conventions.

A trade show organizer can recover lost time at the trade shows, in the early stages of setting up pop-up models and trade show displays. By setting up the literature rack first, the tabletop display can then store the cases underneath. Then, the pop up wall or other pop-up displays at your trade fair will maximize productive time.

Pedestal counters have other advantages, but not storage capacity; tabletop displays are more useful when storage is a priority. Pedestals are simply an elegant way to exhibit any display.
As always, good luck at the convention!

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